Unwanted-72 0.75 mg
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Unwanted-72 consists of a single tablet of 0.75 mg of the synthetic progestin Levonorgestrel. Unwanted-72 pill is a single dose formulation wherein one tablet suffices for the purpose of emergency contraception.

Levonorgestrel, is an emergency hormonal contraceptive used to help prevent a pregnancy when taken within 72 hours (3 days) of having had unprotected sex or if usual method of contraception has failed. It is also available as a T-shaped intrauterine delivery system (IUD) which is used for the prevention of pregnancy (contraception) for up to three years.

Levonorgestrel as an immediate contraceptive measure is thought to work by: stopping ovaries from releasing an egg; preventing sperm from fertilizing any egg that may have already released; stopping a fertilized egg from attaching itself to womb lining.

As a T-shaped intrauterine delivery system, after placement inside the womb, small amount of the hormone Levonorgestrel reduces the monthly growth of the lining of the womb and thickens the cervical mucus which prevents contact and fertilization of an egg by sperm.

Emergency Contraception is slowly emerging as the need of the hour. Various medical interventions have been employed to prevent pregnancy from accidental or unintended coital exposure. Among the hormonal pills, Unwanted-72 emergency contraceptive pill offers the advantage of single drug single dose intake versus any combination pill that needs higher and more doses. Unwanted-72 not only minimizes side effects but is solid in efficacy for preventing unwanted pregnancies arising out of unplanned coital acts. Unwanted-72 is not only readily available but comfortable and covert to use for emergency contraception.

For effective emergency contraception, 0.75 mg of Levonorgestrel needs to be taken on a single day, within 72 hrs of the unprotected coital act.

This implies, Unwanted-72 must be taken as a single dose, as early as possible, close to the unprotected coital event. The efficiency of Unwanted-72 may not be conserved if used later than 72 hours after the undesired coital act.

Best results are obtained when Unwanted-72 is used quickly and within the 72 hour window of safety for capable provision of emergency contraception. Unwanted-72 works in this way because of the design of the system of human reproductive events. In other words, the bodily apparatus needs 72 hours to produce a pregnancy from the moment of union between sperm and egg (medically termed as fertilization).

The side effects of Unwanted-72 usually subside on their own or may need minor treatment where applicable. They are not life threatening and are easily curable: nausea, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal or tummy cramps and rarely Vomiting, fatigue, headache, dizziness, flu like syndrome - malaise, body aches, joint pains, muscle cramps, nasal congestion, vaginal bleeding more like spotting, much before the anticipated date of menses, breast tenderness

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