Five Effective Strategies for Accelerating Fat Burning During Workouts!

Date: June 21st, 2023

five effective strategies to accelerate fat burning during workouts

Burning subcutaneous fat can be significantly accelerated if you enhance its use by the body for energy during workouts. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your attempts to burn subcutaneous fat is neglecting simple strategies that switch the body into fat-burning mode.

1. Perform sprints or high-intensity strength training protocols with short rest intervals between sets

A recent study involving young men found that performing four 30-second sprints on an exercise bike at maximum intensity increased the rate of subcutaneous fat burning by 75 percent and post-workout metabolism by 42 percent. If you prefer to burn subcutaneous fat with heavy weights, try a sled-pushing workout or strength training with moderate load and short rest intervals between sets to achieve a similar fat-burning effect as with sprints.

2. Consume low-glycemic food before your workout

Compared to high-glycemic food, the consumption of slowly digestible carbohydrates and protein can lead to a moderate increase in blood sugar levels and a rise in the fat-burning rate of up to 10 percent. Over time, such a rational diet aimed at enhancing the use of subcutaneous fat by the body for energy will ensure its effect in burning it. In the course of a three-month study involving overweight people, it was found that the consumption of low-glycemic food before workouts allowed them to burn subcutaneous fat more effectively (with an eight percent reduction in body weight), while preserving lean mass.

3. Avoid fructose before training

Studies show that consuming fructose before intense workouts shifts the body into carbohydrate-burning mode instead of burning subcutaneous fat. Additionally, fructose enhances cells' insulin resistance, which is extremely detrimental to muscle development. Carefully read the labels of protein drinks to ensure they do not contain fructose. Also, avoid sports and energy drinks.

4. Take carnitine and fish oil before your workout

Take fish oil with carnitine to accelerate subcutaneous fat burning and preserve glycogen stores for higher athletic performance. It is known that fish oil improves insulin sensitivity. Combining this dietary supplement with carnitine will speed up the transportation of fats into the body's cells for their use as energy. This effect significantly accelerates fat burning and extends the time until exhaustion during intense workouts.

5. Use caffeine to accelerate fat-burning processes

Caffeine, obtained with green tea, Paraguayan tea, coffee, or via special caffeine capsules, is currently the most renowned and safe fat burner. Caffeine forces fats to leave the body's cells so that they can be used as fuel. Furthermore, all the above-mentioned drinks provide a high dose of natural antioxidants, which also accelerate recovery after intense training.

Studies show that three to eight milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight enhance athletic performance and accelerate fat burning. This wide range of optimal dosing is due to individual responses to caffeine, which depend on a person's genotype.