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Differin gel the active ingredient Adapalene 0.1%. Differin gel is used to treat acne vulgaris of the face, chest or back, including pimples, whiteheads and blackheads (comedones) and can also be used to treat acne cysts, which can be deep, painful and inflamed. Differin gel helps combats the processes in the skin that cause clogged pores and lead to pimples and spots associated with acne, helping to clear up these skin blemishes as well as preventing the outbreak of new acne.

Differin gel contains Adapalene, which is a retinoid-like compound and a keratolytic medication that binds to specific retinoic acid receptors in the nucleus of skin cells and changes the way they behave. Acne is often associated with puberty which is when a surge of androgen hormones can over stimulate the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands in hair follicles). Skin cells that are shed from the lining of the hair follicle become trapped in sebum forming a plug below the surface of the skin, clogging the pores, which then attracts bacteria, so that the clogged pores become infected and inflamed, causing an acne outbreak.

Differin gel penetrates deep inside your pores to control the buildup of dead skin and sebum that leads to acne and also blocks the hardening processes of the outer skin layer (keratinisation and cornification) promoting the shedding of old hardened skin cells, while at the same time promoting growth of new skin cells. Differin gel also blocks immune cells getting to the site of acne formation which inhibits the inflammatory reaction. This stops pores becoming clogged, infected and inflamed, reducing the outbreak of new pimples, whitehead and blackheads (comedones) as well as clearing up existing blemishes.

You should apply Differin gel to the affected area of the skin once daily preferably in the evening before going to bed. Clean the skin with a mild soap or soap-free cleanser, rinse with water then apply a small amount with clean fingers and rub gently into the skin. Do not use large amounts or apply more often than directed, as your skin will not clear up faster, instead you may increase the chance for side effects like skin irritation. Avoid contact with the eyes, eyelids, inside of the nose and mouth, which are easily irritated areas, or other areas where treatment is not intended. Do not apply to severely inflamed skin or to open lesions. Avoid excess sun exposure and use of oil-based makeups and creams or abrasive cosmetic products. You should use Differin gel for as long as is recommended, usually it takes 4-8 weeks for your acne to clear up, with more improvement after further use.

The most commonly reported side effects when using Differin gel include, itching, dryness, redness, burning or peeling at the site of application, which usually occur at the start of treatment and should ease with use.

You should not use Differin gel if you: are a sensitivite or allergic to any of the components of Differin gel, are pregnant or may become pregnant, have eczema or seborrhoeic dermatitis, are using peeling agents, astringents or irritant products as these may produce additive irritant effects

You should use Differin gel daily for as long as is recommended, usually it takes 4-8 weeks for your acne to clear up, with more improvement after further use. If you miss a dose of Differin gel take it as soon as you remember, unless it is time to take the next dose, then skip the missed dose. Do not take a double dose.

You should store your Differin gel at temperatures below 25°C and do not freeze.

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