Minoxytop 5 mg
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Minoxytop 10 mg
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Oral Minoxytop works in the same ways as topical minoxidil, by causing vasodilation or relaxing the blood vessels, which helps deliver blood flow and nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

Minoxytop (Minoxidil) is converted into its active form by the sulfotransferase enzyme found in the scalp and liver - but not all men have this in their scalps. Some argue that Minoxytop can be more effective than the topical version because it is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore activated in all patients regardless of whether the enzyme is present in their scalp.

Minoxytop dose for hair loss in males is one 2.5mg tablet taken once daily. Treatment needs to be continued for the positive effect on hair to be maintained.

Side effects are rare and generally reversible. Possible side effects include excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis) in other parts of the body , headaches and fluid retention.

It’s normal for your old hair to fall out within the first 2-4 months this is a good sign! It means that the medication is working and your hair is starting a new growth cycle.

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