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Ovral-L is an oral contraceptive pill. This pill is an effective and reversible contraceptive tor woman wanting to delay her first pregnancy or space the next child. Each Ovral-L package contains 21 tablets, each containing hormones (30 mg of Ethinylestradiol and 150 mg of Levonorgestrel) which prevent pregnancy. Ovral-L works by suppressing the release of the ovum (egg cell) from the ovaries. If you are using the oral contraceptive pill for the first time, wait until your next menstrual period begins. Then counting the first day of bleeding as day-1 take your first tablet on this day.

Take your pill at the same time each day preferably at the evening meal or at bedtime, if you have been taking another oral contraceptive, start Ovral-L on the day after the last active (hormonal) tablet of your previous pill. When you finish your first pack, do not take Ovral-L for the next 7 days (Your period usually begins about 3-4 days after the last tablet).

Start the next pack on Day 8 after the last active (hormonal) tablet, even if you are still bleeding. A new pack is always started on the same day of the week as the day vou started taking Ovral-L. For the first time e.g. if you begin your first pack on Monday, your next pack will also start on Monday, 4 weeks later. Your schedule then is 1 tablet daily tor 21 days, followed by 7 days without a tablet.

Ovral-L is designed to protect you from pregnancy but it will do this only as long as you follow the schedule carefully. However, should you forget to take 1 or more pills or if you start a package late, your body may not have enough of the hormones needed to prevent pregnancy. In such cases, use a supplementary birth control method (other than oral contraceptives tablets) until you have taken a tablet for 7 days or until you finish the package if less than 7 tablets remain, e.g. suppose you forget Wednesday's pill and remember on Thursday, take the missed pill when you remember on Thursday and the pill for Thursday at the regular time. In this case you take 2 pills on Thursday. Continue your schedule until the package is finished. Remember to use a supplementary contraceptive method for 7 days after the last tablet if missed.

Suppose you forget 2 tablets in a row. take the 2 missed pills when you remember and pill for that day at the regular time. In this case you take 3 pills on the day you remember. Continue your schedule until the package is finished. Remember to use a supplementary contraceptive method tor the length of the time described above for 7 days after the last tablet if missed.

If you forget 3 tablets in row, do not take them when you remember and do not finish the package. Do not take any tablets tor the next four days. This makes one week without tablets. Then begin a new package 8 days after the last tablet you took, even if you are still bleeding. During the 7 days without tablet and until you have taken a tablet for 7 days from the new Ovral-L package, use a supplementary birth control method.

A missed period rarely means a pregnancy provided you have followed the schedule. Failure to menstruate occurs occasionally with all oral contraceptives. Even if you have taken your tablets regularly should you miss a period, consult your doctor before starting your next Ovral-L package. If you have omitted any pill or started a package late, or do not menstruate during the 7 days, see the doctor. Take no more Ovral-L until he says you can resume. Use an alternative method of contraception (not oral contraceptive tablet) until pregnancy is ruled out.

Contact lenses: If you wear contact lenses and notice a change in vision or an inability to wear your lenses, contact your doctor or health-care professional. Fluid retention: Oral contraceptives may cause edema (fluid retention) with swelling of the fingers or ankles and may raise your blood pressure. If you experience fluid retention, contact your health-care professional. Melasma: A spotty darkening of the skin is possible, particularly of the face.

Other side etfects: other side effects may include nausea, breast tenderness, change in appetite, headache, nervousness, depression, dizziness, toss of scalp hair, rash, vaginal infections, inflammation of the pancreas, and allergic reactions.

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